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About the Project

The Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions initiative will run from 2015-2020 and disseminate four adapted linkage and retention interventions from prior SPNS and the Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative Fund (SMAIF) initiatives to improve health outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum.

The end goal of the initiative is to produce four evidence-informed Care And Treatment Interventions (CATIs) that are replicable; cost-effective; capable of producing optimal HIV Care Continuum outcomes; and easily adaptable to the changing healthcare environment. The multisite evaluation of this initiative will take a rigorous Implementation Science (IS) approach. Which will place greater emphasis on evaluation of the implementation process and cost analyses of the interventions. It will also seek to improve the HIV Care Continuum outcomes of linkage, retention, re-engagement, and viral suppression among client participants.

Selected Interventions

The four completed SPNS initiatives to be replicated in the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions project are:

  • Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care and Services in Jail Settings [2007 - 2012];
  • Innovative Methods for Integrating Buprenorphine Opioid Abuse Treatment in HIV Primary Care [2004 - 2009];
  • Targeted HIV Outreach and Intervention Model Development and Evaluation for Underserved HIV-Positive Populations Not in Care [2001 - 2006]; and
  • The Minority AIDS Initiative Retention and Re-Engagement Project [2011-2013].

Initial Lessons Learned

Project staff and HRSA representatives provide preliminary data and lessons learned from the pre-implementation and early-implementation phases of this initiative.